Why this blog

Some leaders are born women

(Geraldine Ferraro)

Welcome to this blog, a space meant to gather and analyse information about women as political leaders and especially a small and very badly known group of First Ladies.

Since some decades we can observe political, social and economical changes that gave to women a greater place on the public stage. However, women’s presence in some crucial fields still remains expectional and women have to struggle to become fully recognised public stakeholders. The aim of this page is thus to speak about those women, analyse their actions and link it to current situation in the World.

Besides female Heads of State, Heads of Government and other prominent politicians, I wish to put a spotlight on First Ladies. Those political outsiders, who are in many cases the most powerful women in their countries, are often framed by the media as simple social companions, solely preocupped by their cloths and make-up.

Notwithstanding, First Ladies have increasingly risen on the public stage. This new situation reflects above all how the place of women is changing in the modern world. On one hand, we can observe ambition (and ability!) of some Heads of State’s spouses to occupy an important role in their countries, and the media interest proves that they have become genuine stakeholders. On the other hand, a persistence in framing many of them as householders dipped in rose water and some strong reactions of the public toward their actions on the public stage shows that the traditional vision on womanhood still influences the public image of those women.

Despite this ascending on the public stage and an awakening of the media interest, this theme is generally under-estimated and under-studied. Except some American researchers, yet working solely on the American case, a profound analysis of this phenomenon on the international level simply does not exist. This lack of serious investigation is also echoed on the Internet. Indeed, there is no web page, or what so ever, that would offer comprehensive information and a profound analysis about First Ladyship in the word. The only accessible information about various First Ladies in scattered on institutional pages, blogs and online newspapers. The subject is thus unexplored, despite its great potential. Another aim of this page is thus to fill the existing void and to offer interesting interpretation of various aspects of First Ladyship, hoping that it would become a viable and absorbing source of information.

* In this article I speak about First Ladies, what can lead to a confusion that I pretend that this role belongs solely to women. Obviously, some men execute the role of First Gentlemen, but they are still in a very small minority. Nevertheless, despite its strong gender mark, in the safe of simplicity, I decided to use the first title.

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