TOP 5 posts on women in international politics in 2015

The beginning of a new year is always a good occasion to take stock of the previous twelve months. Here are thus the most popular posts of 2015 in a reverse order.

#5 Will the next UN Secretary General be a woman?

United Nations

The last day of 2016 will be the moment of an important shift in the United Nations institutions, as Ban Ki-moon, the current UN Secretary-General will quit his office after 10 years of public services. Anticipating this change of the guard, media have already started an intensive debate on the matter. Various names have been proposed so far, however in the cacophony of predictions, one message strongly comes out: this is high time for a woman to hold the office. (read more)

#4 “May the best family win”: running for president in Poland is not a one-man show anymore

Agata Kornhauser-Duda

“First Lady, First Lady!” chanted the crowd in the Headquarters of the recently elected President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. Agata Kornhauser-Duda thanked everyone for the support given to her husband and said she would do every effort to be a good First Lady. The arrival of this couple to the Belvedere Palace can seem incredible, as only six months ago the candidate Duda was given 16% of vote intention against 60% for the outgoing president, Bronisław Komorowski. However in only some months, Duda was able to reverse this trend. And although many reasons can be found to explain this victory, Duda partially aced his opponent thanks to the public support of his family. (read more)

#3 Women’s Day – from political propaganda to the promotion of women’s rights

Women's Day Russian poster

I was once told that this Day played an important role in the choice of my name. When I was born, my mother still did not know how to call me and at that time, fathers were not allowed into the maternity swing in hospitals. While still in bed, she saw a poster hanging over the wall which celebrated Women’s Day with the sentence: “Flowers for Eve”. She then decided that if the name was good enough for the first woman (at least according to the Bible), it should also work for her first-born. (read more)

#2 Best speeches by female politicians in history

Hillary Clinton at Beijing confrence

Hillary Clinton: “Women’s rights are human rights”

“At this very moment, as we sit here, women around the world are giving birth, raising children, cooking meals, washing clothes, cleaning houses, planting crops, working on assembly lines, running companies, and running countries. Women also are dying from diseases that should have been prevented or treated. They are watching their children succumb to malnutrition caused by poverty and economic deprivation. They are being denied the right to go to school by their own fathers and brothers. They are being forced into prostitution, and they are being barred from the bank lending offices and banned from the ballot box.” (read more)

#1 2015, women and political leadership – female heads of state and heads of government

Women worlds leaders

The International Women’s Day is approaching and a lot of politicians are speaking about women empowerment and leadership. I decided thus to create a list of female leaders in the world. The results show that in 2015 women’s presence among political leaders is still an exception, not a rule. (read more)

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