TOP 5 posts on women in international politics in 2016

What interested you most in 2016? Here is the list of the most popular posts on this blog published in the last year.


#5 Impeachment of Dilma Roussef or a staggering giant

Dilma Rousseff

The Olympic Games in Brazil were supposed to symbolize the awakening of the South American giant. Instead, they risk embodying the fall of the country, currently stroking because of the worst financial crisis since the 1930s and facing a political scandal that can be compared to the Nixon’s Watergate. (read more)


#4 Women mayors of major cities in the world

Collage women mayors

List of current women mayors in major cities around the world (read more)


#3 “When they go low, we go high”: Michelle Obama, Sarah Hurwitz and a story of successful speech writing


Michelle Obama Democratic National Convention 2016

Although the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was all about Hillary Clinton, it was Michelle Obama who stole the show. Her stirring speech quickly became viral on the Internet, making it to the top 3 subjects of the convention. Barack Obama’s congratulations to his wife o twitter became the most re-twitted post of the day with more than 170 000 shares. (read more)

#2 Powerful speeches about women by female celebrities

angelina jolie un

For many years, celebrities have used their fame to raise political issues. Whether it was Georges Clooney speaking about Darfour, or Leonardo Di Caprio calling for a greater protection of environment, celebrities have taken public stances and tended to influence public opinion. More recently, a new trend of famous women putting a spothlight on women issues and women’s empowerment can be observed. Here you find a selection of best speeches by female celebrities speaking about (and for) women. (read more)


#1 2016, women and political leadership – female heads of state and heads of government

Political leadership 2016

Following the last year post about the state of female leadership in highest political offices in the world, here you can find a freshly updated list of women who are heads of state or heads of government.

In comparison with 2015, the total number has not changed. There are still only 22 female leaders, representing solely 6,9% of all political leaders in the world (315 heads of state and heads of government). In details, the number of female heads of state increased, while that of heads of government dropped. (read more)

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