Academia corner

Publications in scientific journals:

“Queen Sofia of Spain as the embodiment of traditionalist womanhood. Analysis of the gossip press coverage on the Queen from 2011 to 2014”, Journal of Gender Studies, 2015

“Annus Horribilis and its impact on the royal image: How scandals influenced Queen Sofía of Spain’s press coverage in newspapers “El País” and “El Mundo” from 2012 to 2014″, Estudios sobre el Mensaje periodístico, 2015, Vol. 21 (1), p. 207 – 221

Review of “Women and the Birth of Russian Capitalism. A Historry of the Shuttle Trade”, Europe-Asia Studies, 2015, Vol. 67 (7), p.  1158-1159

Presentations during scientific conferences:

First conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics, Oxford University, Oxford, 16-18/09/2015

Workshop on Gender and Politics, British Political Science Association, London, 15/05/2015

Interdisciplinary conference “Women – from object to subject”, University of Toulouse, Toulouse, 17/01/2015

20th Conference of the Spanish Association of Journalism, Barcelona, 17-18/06/2014

Celebrities couples’ conference at Southampthon University, Southampton, 23/11/2012

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